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An Innovation Incubator andConsultancy

for F500 and Startups

 Phenomaly has translated human-centered research into over $1 billion in commercialized sales, historical bestsellers and has helped companies reach #1 U.S. market share. 
We’re ready to do the same for you.


Phenomaly translates shifts in culture, consumer behavior and technology into 'white space' opportunities.  We help you interpret these fast changing shifts to pioneer undiscovered business opportunities, build brand equity, innovation roadmaps, and generate fresh revenue streams.
Our Work


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Helped build the first global consumer-driven innovation lab at Samsung in Silicon Valley with a cross-functional team of 5 people, that has now grown to over 30 members across 4 global offices in the US, UK, India, and Singapore.

Led two of the most commercially successful projects out of Samsung's Global Innovation Lab -- leading to a bestselling product in the history of Samsung and number one US market share gain. Led cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary teams and product innovation, platforms that went on to win global innovation awards. Worked across global and diverse business units within Samsung, exploring topics like the future of mobility, smart home and retail, multi-device ecosystems, social TV, mobile experiences,  and more.



Global Leadership Program

Helped optimize a world class global marketing training program, to raise up a future generation of leaders and marketers pioneering the technology space. Defined and led strategic approach and process to uncover latent opportunities for growth and optimization, and innovate the core learning and development experience across Google APAC, EMEA and North America. New concept and growth areas were defined for global and regional offices, along with strategic direction and program design  recommendations.

Subscriptions and Services Strategy

Led design and innovation research to build a subscription and services strategy for the hardware business, and generate new revenue opportunities. Led foundational research to understand user needs and behaviors within the subscription economy, and led usability research to concept and evaluate core user journeys.

Android UX Program

Part of centralized research team within Google, to develop a new usability research program evaluating the health of existing and pre-lease features across Android. Worked across product groups, design and engineering teams to create a centralized and repeatable process.

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Helped one of the world's most beloved entertainment and media brands, identify opportunity areas to innovate the future of customer experience as it relates to future content library, story, and character development. There was a special focus on designing for identity and belonging across diverse cultures and identity groups. Directed the qualitative and quantitative research, strategic frameworks and insight generation, and customer journey blueprint design.



Conceived and launched the first interactive vending machine with a 42" LCD touchscreen. Transformed vending machines from being static outlets to a connected distribution network with an interactive marketing platform. With this new uVending system, vending machines can go from merely selling to interacting with consumers. Debuted at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China, and launched with Kraft Foods and U.S. Simon Malls.

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Engaged to help one of the largest global insurance companies generate a pipeline of new business offerings and ventures, that would lead to new and diversified revenue streams for the global insurer.


Facilitated a 12-week corporate accelerator program and led teams including the CEO, CSO, VP and department leads across Silicon Valley, Korea and Singapore. Implemented a lean startup and design research program and coached teams on research, ideation, concept development and pitch deck development. The program led to the development of two venture concepts.




Novartis developed a new technology for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer, and was in need of a service blueprint for Germany, UK and the US. Led a series of research interviews across key customers, physicians and service providers in Europe and the US to design a service blueprint for diverse stakeholders.



Worked closely with the C-suite at Saint Laurent, one of the most respected and historic couture fashion houses in the world. Saint Laurent was undergoing one of its most significant brand overhauls, in an effort to recapture the original principles and ideas that inspired the founder, while thrusting the brand into a new era. Worked with the executive and leadership team across all departments including sales, merchandising, public relations, marketing and human resources to develop a corporate vision and strategy report for the global CEO, assessing past successes and future opportunities over the next ten years, and how to retain legacy consumers while targeting new consumer segments and future generations. 



Worked with AmorePacific Group, a South Korean conglomerate founded in 1945 operating over 30 beauty, personal care, and health brands. Though it is the world's 12th largest cosmetics company and one of the fastest growing beauty brands in Asia, the company had lower brand recognition in the US and Europe. Helped  reposition its parent brand from being a regional to global leader. Through an extensive process of overhauling customer understanding, brand persona, voice and messaging, we successfully repositioned the brand for global expansion. Brought together and oversaw a team to re-envision the corporate brand as well as 30+ beauty, health and skin care brands within their portfolio, with various customer, brand and marketing assets. 



Worked with diverse clients to help define and grow their subscriptions business. We've equipped companies with foundational understanding and unique perspective, regarding the challenges and opportunities facing companies looking to expand their subscription offerings. Our approach to these projects involves conducting end-to-end research to identify new business opportunities, and leveraging insights from the research to build a comprehensive strategy for service definition, branding, bundling and pricing.




PHNMLY is part of a select group of innovative toy inventors from around the world, who work alongside the world's leading brands in creating the future of children's play. We work in partnership with companies including Hasbro, Mattel, and SpinMaster. PHNMLY leads research, concept development, prototyping and licensing and royalty agreements for new children's play concepts including toys, games, plush and dolls.



"Lisa is a big picture and out-of-box thinker, with a special quality to envision the future and give clarity to that which seems confused.  Her unique voice has been inspiration and direction to push ideas and concepts forward. Lisa has worked closely with me, our executive team, as a well as department heads across the organization. Lisa pursues excellence in all her work and professional relationships, with a persevering and collaborative spirit. She is a leader who seeks to guide and influence others into their best future."


"Lisa is experienced in new concept development across multiple business and product categories and can confidently delve into new areas without hesitation. Among her countless contributions, she led design research and new concept development projects that led to the commercialization of our team’s two most successful product innovation platforms. She is adept at uncovering deep consumer insights, and translating those insights into new and relevant business opportunities."


"Lisa is a brilliant thinker and well able to process new information to understand concepts both from a product-concept and product-development standpoint, to a broader perspective encompassing and addressing the wholeness of a project, its intent and purposes. She asks the right questions. She thinks before she speaks.

I particularly appreciate her energy and insights. She’s humble but noticeably confident – a rare combination. She’d be an asset to any team. Her experience and skillset has taken her into varying corporate disciplines and industries, understandably so."  


Lisa is an extremely gifted research and innovation strategist, who would benefit any company that desires to break through barriers with products or services. 

Lisa advised our team in 2020 and immediately made an impression with her unique ability to understand and creatively articulate an innovative strategy for us to move forward. She has worked with outstanding passion, intelligence and ownership on the project and has shown a special gift to connect with all levels of people from executives to users, across our global movement. Lisa has brought us a world class level of knowledge and leadership around innovation, which has helped clear confusion and re-envision us with more effective models and products to achieve our goals. 


"Lisa has the ability to discern the branding needs of a company better than any consultant I have worked with. She is able to navigate through the challenges related to branding or re-branding a company by easily perceiving all "broken " messages between the brand and consumer, and then creating solutions that fix the core problem . She is able to quickly grasp the heart of a company and has a rare ability to quickly perceive the solution to restructuring the foundational brand message, to tie in its core values thereby allowing the company build on strong foundations."


Lisa opened our eyes to a broader perspective. She brought in a full ecosystem perspective, integrating software, hardware and UX in driving innovative solutions for our subscriptions businesses. The insights and opportunity areas discovered from her research process was gold, informing new revenue potential for our business lines. She has strong output, with a gift in crafting compelling presentations and story. She helped map out and optimize our innovation development methods, and I am now applying this mindset and approach to deciding which projects we prioritize, and how we go about innovation development. I invited her to be a guest speaker at my workshop to inspire our team with these methods and principles. Lisa is a hard worker, an excellent collaborator, and is dedicated to a level that exceeds many.


Her passion to apply her gifts in innovation is infectious.


Our Services



Customer Understanding


We get on the ground and face-to-face with real customers, from diverse cultures and generations, to gain a deeper understanding of your customers' challenges, aspirations, and contexts of use. We design empathy driven research to understand what makes your customers tick, to address their true needs and desires, and inform your end-to-end product development process. We design foundational, discovery and evaluative research, in-person and virtually.

01- Design Research

Idea Shaping


Our team specializes in designing and facilitating out-of-the-box ideation workshops for cross-functional and cross-cultural teams. We help you build a culture and process that optimizes team chemistry and creative problem solving, that drives business growth and innovation impact.

02- Workshops

Rapid Prototyping​

We custom prototype new product, service, and environment ideas to quickly mockup the future state of a new customer experience or business offering, and gather iterative and real-time user feedback. This enables us to transform ideas into working solutions, by generating feedback early and often, improving final design and reducing product market-fit and commercialization risks.

03- Concept Dev
04- Accelerator

Startup Advisory


We catalyze and accelerate innovation in F500 companies and startups. We help teams solve problems faster, and discover disruptive solutions to traditional problems in a more cost-effective way with lowered risk. We provide early-stage concepts and businesses with the guidance it needs to develop a successfully commercialized offering.

Say Hello

PHNMLY is a female-founded innovation consultancy led by Lisa J. Kim, an innovation leader and inventor who partners with global brands to develop market leading products and game-changing commercial opportunities.

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